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I can just say that u r amazin? And that Got7 is amazin? XD

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Hellow! ^^ can I ask for a ship with Got7? - my name is Cindy, I'm half Thai, have medium length hair with curls. I'm 18, and I'm 5'7 tall, and the tallest girl in my family ~ I'm very sarcastic, and making people laugh is one of my best qualities! - I'm a natural flirt, I've been told, and I love eye contact! - thank youssss!! <3 <3 ^^
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I ship you with: Bambam

The fact that you are half Thai automatically gives you an advantage with Bambam. Even if you’re quite tall, which he might be a little conscious about, he will still pursue you because he just likes that much. Believe it or not, living with Jackson comes with a few advantages one of those is being immune to sarcasm and sarcastic jokes so I don’t think it will offend him. If you watch the I GOT7 episode where they guested Suzy, you would realise how flirting just comes off very naturally with this boy so it would definitely be an interesting and fair game with him.

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omg I don't known if you're still doing ships, but I'd love it! I'm 15, African American, with shoulder length hair and light skin. I have really bad eyesight, I'm pretty busty (it's a struggle) and I'm 5'4". I love playing clarinet, writing, and reading. I study all the time and I'm in the top of my class. People say I'm quiet when I don't know them but I won't shut up when they get to know me. I'm very funny, talkative, but sensitive. Thanks!
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I ship you with: Jackson

Having known that Jackson’s ideal type is Beyonce, we can assume that he’s more into curvaceous girls. He also said that he would like someone tan so you pretty much got his whole ideal type trait list covered (not to bring down girls who doesn’t fit these criteria though because everyone is beautiful!!!! you know that right?) It’d impress him that you’re very artistically talented and on top of your class because he very proudly claims to be a solid B student. You can talk for hours with Jackson and I can see him as a very perceptive person as well.

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In which you help him with shaving his facial hair. (Inspired by the recent Real GOT7 episode where JR tells JB that he didn't shave properly.)

Mark will be more than happy to let you assist him in his morning routine just because he’s all about that spending-time-with-you maximisation. He would adore the way you focus so hard on his face, making sure not to miss a spot. "What’s so funny?" You’d ask as he try to stifle a giggle and replies with a muffled nothing. He will try to put on a serious face when you frown at him and he will also be obedient when you tell him to look up so you can shave down his jaw. After the whole process is done, he will pout and ask for a kiss since he is now cleanly shaved so you wouldn’t have to worry about being pricked by his stubble.


JB isn’t the type to normally ask for help but since you so strongly insist on helping him, he would comply. "Just be careful not to cut me, okay?" He will remind you just as you start shaving his jawline first. Even after promising him that I won’t even dare scratch your oh-so-beautiful face, you might still have to tug down on his shirt just to keep him in place because JB will just be reflexively moving his face away from the razor on your hand. After the long and painful process though, he will be pleasantly surprised by the result saying "I think you do it better than me. Thanks babe!" and then kissing you on the cheek just to show his gratitude.


Jackson i pray for the lord to give you patience because this boy would just be all over the place. Playing with random toiletries (that obviously isn’t needed for shaving), trying to talk to you causing him to eat some of the shaving cream, insisting that hey we should play a song while we’re getting ready! and wiggling his butt or whatever random bizarro crap he comes up with. "Jackson don’t make me strap you down." You will say, trying to threaten him. To which he would just reply with a smartass comeback like "Oh getting feisty are we?" There’s also a 99% chance that you will cut his face in the process but you shouldn’t feel guilty because we all know who’s fault it’ll be if that happens.


JR is just so used to you doing it for him that, at this point, he doesn’t seem to be able to do it just by himself. "Babe, can you come here for a minute?" He’ll yell from the bathroom after you just finished preparing breakfast for the two of you. "What’s taking you so long?" Entering the bathroom, you’d see him smiling widely at you, standing by the sink with a can of shaving cream in one hand and a razor on the other. You’d scoff out a laugh before sitting down on the tiled bathroom counter and motioning for him to come closer. JR would lean against the sink, you parting your legs so he could stand as close to you as possible, as you lather a good amount of cream around his lips and jaw. While you’re busy shaving off his facial hair, he would try to initiate skinship with you by playing with your hair, tucking it behind your ear or even running his hands on your thighs and waist. More than the shaving process itself, he’ll just enjoy the cute little intimate moment that he gets to share with you.


Youngjae, being the precious little munchkin that he is, will be so clueless of what to do that you would just have to help him. "Where’s your shaving cream?" "What?" "Shaving crea— Have you not tried shaving before?" You’d ask and he would just shake his head. Laughing at his innocence, it would be your turn to shake your head as you open your toiletries cabinet, reaching for a can of shaving cream. He’d ask you what it was for and you’d explain to him that it makes shaving a lot easier. "Why do you have one?" He’d ask, genuinely curious and you would just crack up telling him that that’s a conversation for another day. Youngjae will be so stiff, standing still, the whole time in fear of getting wounded and bloooooood!!!! Make sure to check, from time to time, that he’s still breathing.


Bambam I don’t think there’s really anything for you to shave.” You’d casually say and he would be a slightly upset because you just had to remind me that I’m not a grown up yet don’t you? Feeling guilty, you’d offer to help him, internally laughing at how excited he looks as you put shaving cream on his face (he specifically bought the large Gillette can that says Men because he’s a man, as he ever so eagerly insisted). You’d act like you were actually trying to shave his facial hair off for his satisfaction and because his proud face is just too cute. "Do I look handsome now?" He’d ask as he wipe his face off will a towel to which you will nod saying that he looked handsome even before shaving anyway. If you were being honest though, you don’t really see anything different.


Yugyeom would furiously blush when you offer him help because he doesn’t really want you to see him in such a cluttered state. After telling him that it’s okay, it really is for you to help him, he would give up and just let you do the job. Because Yugyeom is way too tall for your convenience, you would have to ask him to sit down on a stool or even the toilet seat if it was nearby. He will be an obedient (not-so-)little boy, following your instructions, moving his head to the direction that you wanted and sitting as steadily as he could. The way you gently touch his face and neck would make him even more flustered but he will put on a straight face to try to hide his racing heart. "There, all done." After you finish, he will grab the towel and instead of wiping his face, he will wipe the shaving cream off your hands first, thanking you as he does. You will return the favour by wiping his face for him then pecking his cheek and making a comment at how the shaving cream smelt good on his skin. Yugyeom would then crack into a smile and turn tomato read.


Hello! Could you ship me please? :) I'm 20, half white, half asian, 5'4", pale skin, dark brown hair and eyes. I'm a quiet person, but once you get to know me I'm quite playful, often crack jokes. I enjoy playing various console, PC games, drawing and learning languages (I study Linguistics at university). Thanks ^_^
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I ship you with: Youngjae

From what I’ve gathered whenever Youngjae would talk about his ideal type and/or crush (basically Suzy), you fit his criteria perfectly (not that it really matters in the long run but hey it doesn’t hurt that you do). Personality-wise, you two match quite nicely because Youngjae, too, could be shy at first but he gets more playful and confident once you get to know him better. He’s also learning English so it would come in handy if you can maybe tutor him and he could return the favour by teaching you Korean.

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Hello can I request a shippp? 18years old , 168cm and chubby haha I'm from Mongolia, can speak chinese, english, korean, i like action movies, I'm not that girly but in relationships I want cute stuffs and but more of a pervy stuffs lol thank you I'm in love with your blog :>
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I ship you with: JB

As I’ve previously mentioned, I think JB is one of the guys in the group who wouldn’t really put into much consideration if a girl is skinny or chubby so you shouldn’t worry much about the aspect. JB’s comes off very dominant as well so someone who’s more assertive and less girly might be a good match with him. Also, I just get this feeling (from watching too much Real GOT7 and seeing way too much sweaty JB) that he would smell really good so cuddling with him would be heaven. He also just turned 20 and since he’s older than you, I think he will be willing to talk about the more mature stuff.

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The Running Man question for mark and yugyeom please? :)
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Here you go! Thank you for requesting!

"In which you appeared as a guest in Running Man with JB / Jackson / JR but you're in different teams and his team had to catch yours so when he caught you the first time, you asked he could let you go then. " But with Mark
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Here you go! Thank you for requesting!

  •  In which you appeared as a guest in Running Man with Mark / Yugyeom but you're in different teams and his team had to catch yours so when he caught you the first time, you asked he could let you go then.
  • Mark: He will have a little mental panic trying to decide if he should let you go or not. Mark will be licking his lips or uneasily adjusting his cap after you ask him to let you go because he will be conflicted between wanting to win and leaving a good impression. If you were secretly dating, he might be more confident and maybe a little more mischievous. Mark might tease you saying something along the lines of "I thought you're not the type to ask for favours..." while smiling a boyish grin. In the end, you might have a better chance of running off with your name tag if you weren't dating because Mark will be more considerate then. Besides, if you were dating, he can always make it up to you later when there aren't any cameras around.
  • Yugyeom: Consider it your lucky day because this boy is just too precious to even lay a hand on you so even if he catches you at a corner, your ticket to freedom will be as easy as saying "Please~". In fact, he might even apologise to you randomly because of panic. Yugyeom will be even more flustered if you were dating because just the thought of being alone with his girlfriend with cameras around will overwhelm him. "You can go this way." He will awkwardly mumble as he bows out of habit, standing out of your way. If you were feeling ruthless, you may take advantage of the situation and snatch his nametag instead but I highly suggest that you don't because I will personally hunt you down for being a horrible human being (why you gotta hurt my child like that gurl how about no).