• met doing laundry at 2am college au
  • accidentally knocked on the wrong dorm room college au
  • picked up the wrong book when we bumped into each other college au
  • hey exchange student why don’t you can come to mine for thanksgiving?? college au
  • did i mention college au
  • walked in on you in the shower college au
  • drunkenly hooked up but you’re dating my roommate who already hates me college au
  • the always-partying kid falls for the always-studying kid college au
  • heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider college au
  • i really hate you but you have the highest grades in class and i need help college au
  • (◕‿◕✿) cOLLEGE AU (◕‿◕✿)
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Can you write a scenario where you do /it/ for the first time and then you wake up the next morning and he tells you that you snore and you get really embarrassed be he thinks it's cute? If not for all the members, please write for Mark, Jackson and JB? Thank youuuuuu!
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Here you go! I didn’t include the youngest two because I just can’t imagine them doing it yet if you catch my drift. Anywho, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for requesting!

The Morning After

In which you wake up after spending your first night together, he tells you you snore and you get really embarrassed but he thinks it’s cute.

Mark: "Breakfast in bed~" a deep but soft sing-song voice makes its way to your ears, waking you up. It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, a little bit late compared to your usual 7 AM wake up time, so you jerked up from the bed realizing the time. "Do you have anything to do? Here, have some breakfast first." Mark smiles his enigmatic smile at you as he places the tray on your lap. You stared at the meal he made for you and to say that it exceeded your expectation was an understatement. Holding onto the blanket tightly, as it is the closest thing that you got to a clothing right now, you adjust yourself and started eating. "Thank you, Mark." You mumbled as you take a bite of the French toast. "You’re welcome. I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up. You were sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to interrupt you." He speaks, a hint of humor evident in his tone. You stare and blink your eyes at him, trying to study his expression until he suddenly crack into low chuckles. "Why are you laughing?" He shakes his head and tries to stop giggling but fails. "Come on~ Tell me~" you stopped eating and pulls on his sleeve as you whine. "It’s nothing. I just thought it was cute that you snore when you get into deep sleep." Your jaw-dropped in disbelief. You blushed crimson red and hid your face behind your hands as he continues chuckling at your reaction. "Come on, it’s not a big deal. It’s not like girls aren’t allowed to snore, right? And you sound like a bee, it’s adorable!" You whined and hid behind the blanket as Mark proceeded to calling you his "Queen Bee".

JB: It was weird enough to wake up gasping for air, but when you realized that JB basically got you trapped in his arms was more than the reality you can handle. "I can’t breathe…" "Oh you’re up!" JB amusingly cheered and let go of you when he realized you were finally awake. After taking a few breaths, as much as you like being in his arms you still preferred waking up not suffocating, you were finally able to ask "Why were you hugging me too tight?" Last night was your first night sleeping together and though you thought it was romantic for him to stay with you until you wake up, it was still strange. JB chuckled and propped himself up on his elbow before saying, "You were snoring. I hugged you so you were breathing against my chest and it sounded like you were just moaning. It’s really cute." "Oh my god." Were all you mustered to say out of embarrassment. "Come on sleep more. I like the sound of you smoaning." JB teased, emphasising on the last word he just invented. "No! I hate you, you pervert!" You got off the bed and ran from him giggling as he chased after you.

Jackson: 'Such a cute puppy' you thought as the puppy continued licking your face, 'But where did you come from?' After a while, everything made sense. You were dreaming. And the puppy in your dream was none other than your pesky but very handsome boyfriend, Jackson. Blinking your eyes open, you giggled as he continue planting kisses all over your face in attempt to wake you up. "I’m awake, babe. You can stop now." "Good morning sexy~" He plants a final kiss on your lips and smiles widely. Last night was your first night together, which explains why Jackson was being overly sweet that morning. Though he didn’t pressure you about it, you knew he has been wanting to take your relationship to that level for such a long time. Last night, you finally took the initiative to tell him you were ready. He towered over you, his elbows on either side of your head and stares at you. Jackson didn’t say anything. He just stayed there, silent, with a mischievous grin plastered across his face. You rolled your eyes at him, "What is it?" "Nothing. Can’t I look at my girlfriend’s beautiful face?" He replied, his tone teasing. "Oh cut the crap, Jackson. I know that smile. There’s an evil plan cooking in that huge brain of yours." You stated knowingly. Jackson finally chuckled. "Well last night, someone was apparently too tired from, well, coitus." You gaped at his word use. "And said person started, I don’t really know what euphemism to use so I’m just gonna go ahead and say, ‘snoring’. I think I got it on my phone too." Your eyes grew as big as saucers when he finished talking. "You!! Oh my god…" You hit him on the chest and proceeded to hide under your blanket of shame. "Maybe I can make it my ringtone." "I freaking hate you!" You got out of the blanket and started hitting his arm, which only made him laugh more. Jackson grabbed both your arms and stopped you from assaulting him. "I’m kidding. You know, you can snore louder than anyone ever and I’ll still love you anyway." He flashed his full set of pearly whites to you and you forgot that you were mad at him. Lost, you just let him hug you after he had shown you that he didn’t have a recording on his phone after all. "But tell me…" Jackson cleared his throat as he look down at you. "Was I really that good that you got so tired and you snored?" He teased, manically laughing as you started hitting him again. "You are the absolute worst! I hate you!" You screamed, finding yourself laughing along with him.

JR: Waking up to Jinyoung’s smile hasn’t quite gotten to you just yet. After spending a couple or nights together, and finally deciding that last night was the night that you were both finally ready to take your relationship to the next level, you still hasn’t gotten your head around really dating an idol. More so someone as popular as Jinyoung. "Did you sleep well?" His soft and caring voice was like a lullaby in your ears. You hum a response and stare up at him. "Are you tired?" He asked all of a sudden, causing you to blush in memory of last night’s event. "Uh, no not really. Why did you ask?" Jinyoung had a genuinely concerned look as he pulled the covers over your shoulder and said "You were snoring while you were sleeping so I thought you must have been really tired." You bit your lip in embarrassment and panic. What if he doesn’t want to be with you anymore because you’re not lady-like? What if it put him off? "I’m sorry. I will try not to do it again. I’m really sorry!" You repeated over and over and bowed your apology. "What are you saying sorry for? It’s not a big deal. You got tired, it’s fine. It just means that you work hard. I should even be thankful that you agree to spend some time with be besides being busy." he explains, his eyes smiling as he tuck your hair behind your ear. "Snoring won’t make me love you any less."

Youngjae: "Good morning~" You flinched, waking up to the sound of a mimicking voice. The moment you opened your eyes, you were greeted by a Pororo plushie being held up your face. "Good morning Princess. Did you sleep well?" Pororo wiggled as he spoke, making you giggle. Smiling, you grabbed the plushie and hugged it close to your chest, revealing a brightly smiling Youngjae. "I slept well, thank you." "That’s nice to hear. I was worried you won’t sleep well, you seem really tired, jagiya." He remarked in a thoughtful voice. Youngjae is naturally caring, it’s one of the things that you love about him, but something about his statement fell short and made you wonder. "Do I have bags under my eyes?" You worried, dating an idol takes a lot of effort because you have to always try to keep up not only with their schedules but also their expectations. "No, no. It’s not like that…" Youngjae trails off and sits on the bed, it was as if he was trying to hide something and he got caught. "It’s just that, while you were sleeping you were snoring… just a little bit! Not too loud. So I thought ‘Maybe she’s really tired. My poor baby.’" It was evident that Youngjae was trying to make it sound playful but you still got embarrassed nonetheless. You covered your face with your hand, muffling your voice as you apologize. "There’s no need to apologize! The sound you make is so adorable, jagiya. It’s like a small kettle!" Youngjae commented, making you giggle and whine at the same time.

Hi , am sorry I didn't know that the requests are closed I got Excited reading ur ships cause ur an amazing writer And I wish I could meet someone like these character Love U and Sorry again ❤️🌹
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No no it’s okay! It really is. I can still do a bit of shipping because they’re generally easier to write anyway so no worries. You might have to wait for a bit though cos there’s just a lot of shipping requests on my inbox right now. But rest assured that I’d get to them eventually! Thank you and I love you too!

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Could you please ship me? I'm 15, 5'4", Chinese-American. I'm quite shy until you get to know me, happy, and somewhat loud. I'm a dork, musician and artist who loves video games, anime, a lot of TV shows, cute, furry animals, and love it when people make me laugh. I often have anxiety as well... Though I might seem innocent, I'm not really, and my language can get pretty foul. Thanks~

I ship you with: Jackson

Your personality fits well with Jackson and though in most circumstances it’s better to have someone with an opposite character, it also doesn’t hurt to be with a person who you can just be absolutely ridiculous with. Jackson is a natural comic so you best believe that you’re going to be laughing the whole entire time that you’re hanging out with him. He’d love to stay indoors with you and play video games or watch shows but he’d also expect you to go out with him and do some outdoor activity as a form of compromise. Jackson will be your own personal awkward breaker so you don’t have to worry about being anxious a lot. From what I’ve seen of him, Jackson seems to be more liberated than the rest of the members so he wouldn’t make your choice of words such a big deal.

OMG I just read your pregnancy pref and JB's hit me in the feels so hard ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please do more like that Please 👏

Thank you for the message and I’m glad you like it! I’m also a big fan of angst and I’ll definitely choose it over fluff any day so I’ll be sure to write some more of that stuff in the future :)

Heey :) can you ship me please :) I'm 16 years old.. I'm 5'3 (very petite i know haha) I'm Mexican and Korean.. I more of the lazy type.. I LOVE to eat and sleep haha.. but i also like to read, dance, travel a lot, take pictures, and draw.. I'm not very social.. I know a LOT of people but few are my close friends. I don't tell my problems to others that easy.. I'm also the type that likes to be alone but doesn't like to feel lonley.. And when I love I love deeply (SO CHEESY AND LONG! SORRY D:)
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I ship you with: JR

I can see from the way you described yourself that you’re very artistic and more of an introvert so I chose someone more mature to be paired up with you. Jinyoung is currently at university doing something with an arts major so you can definitely bond over both of your artistic endeavours. It also says in his profile that he (likes to) think a lot so I can see you two having deep conversations. Jinyoung will also respect your personal space but be sure to tell him directly because, you know, boys can really read signals very well. I would like to think that Jinyoung will also be very passionate and faithful when he gets in a relationship.

Why your blog stops at page 12???I have slow internet today,so i'm not sure if it's a problem with me or my tumblr... Anyway,it's just 1AM on my country (Greece~~~) and i simply CANNOT because of your scenarios/drabbles/oneshots!!!THEY ARE SO PERFECTLY PERFECT!!!!!!!Too many feels~~~ I'm really grateful that there is a blog like that~~~~!!!Congratulations on having such a blog!

No it’s not your internet connection at all! I just really don’t have a lot of posts on this blog (in fact, only over 120) so sorry if that freaked you out! And um uh… let me just fan myself for a quick sec here uh…


You’re such a sweetheart~~~ Thank you for reading the stuff that I write! You guys are the reason why I get motivated to write and it just warms my heart whenever I receive messages like this. I can’t say thank you enough.

Hello! I saw your shipping request and I'd like to be shipped please. :D I'm a 93-liner and I'm around 5'2 to 5'3. I'm Filipino with a small blood of Chinese. My hobbies are mostly writing, reading, and singing. I sleep and eat a lot too, haha! I'm not much of a dancer but I love dancing. I'm an optimist and loud and funny; I love making my friends happy. I'm quite the boyish type though and I tend to get awkward with feelings. I get really shy too when I'm around the person I like. ; ;
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I ship you with: Mark

Since Mark said in an interview that he probably won’t date someone who’s younger than his brother Joey, I assume that he would be more comfortable dating someone who’s around his age (he’s also a 93-liner). It also helps that you have a little bit of Chinese blood because you will be familiar with his family’s culture and tradition since he’s from Taiwan. Mark also said in a radio show that whenever he has free time, he just sleeps, so you definitely would have that in common and I can see him enjoying cuddling. He’d love to teach you how to dance and if you’re up for the challenge, maybe some martial arts tricking as well. Mark could be a little shy as well but once you two start talking, he would absolutely adore your positive mindset. Mark also strikes me as someone who would like seeing his girlfriend in a loose t-shirt (maybe even his shirt) and pj shorts so it’ll be fine even if you’re more boyish than girly.


In which you’re dating and he introduces you to the other members.

Mark: He arranged a restaurant reservation so you can have dinner with him and the rest of the members. Mark told you that the members have been really curious as to who he had been spending his free time with because they rarely see him at home. When you and Mark arrived at the restaurant, all the members were already happily eating what seems like the appetizer. "Hyung! I thought you won’t show up again.." Yugyeom trailed off when he saw you standing behind Mark. "I’m sorry we took long." You bowed, "Annyeong haseyo, ________ imnida. It’s nice to finally meet you guys!" "Yah why are you saying sorry? Yugyeom transfer." Mark teased the younger boy and pulled you to sit beside him, with Jackson on his right. The dinner went smoothly with occasional chatter whenever they would ask you questions. At one point you heard Jackson tell Mark, in a loud whisper, "Now I know why you don’t waste even a second whenever we finish a schedule. Can’t really blame you." 

JB: "Don’t be nervous, they’ll love you!" JB held your hand as the two of you rode the elevator. As per his request, you visited him at the work not knowing that his real intentions were to introduce you to the other members. You held the container bag of food on your right hand as you fiddle with the strap, your hands sweating "What if they don’t like me?" "I love you, of course they will like you." JB said reassuringly, kissing your forehead. Once you stepped in the recording studio, everyone turned to look at your direction, making you feel like a deer caught on trap. JB wrapped his arms around your shoulder before speaking "Guys this is ________. Babe these are the boys and JunK hyung." You bowed down and introduced yourself, smiling. They all smiled and bowed back to you, atmosphere getting a little less awkward. "You all should thank her, she bought food for us." Thankful enough that you bought them lunch, they all cheered as you watched them start eating the little food you prepared for JB. They started teasing him saying that it’s probably why he’s getting fat, because you’re such a good cook. The members also told you that he would just talk about you non-stop when he misses you. JunK remarked, "JB, I think it’s really an understatement to call her ‘beautiful’. You write songs, man! You could have done better than that!"

Jackson: You were beyond nervous when you found out that Jackson wants to introduce you to his members. Sure, Jackson is 1/7 of one of the most popular rookie boy groups of today but meeting all the members were just too much for you. You never really imagine seeing all of them and so the thought kind of overwhelmed you. "Do I look okay? I didn’t get enough sleep last night I’m sorry if I look horrible" You said, frowning as Jackson led you to his dorm. "What are you saying?! Of course you look beautiful! You always look beautiful!" Jackson cheered you up as both of you entered the door to the dorm. The television could be heard from the entrance and you quickly slipped on to the slippers that Jackson offered you. "Attention! Attention!" Jackson chanted as he led you to the living room where the members are casually watching TV and chatting. "I would like to present to you, my very beautiful, and kind, and amazing and.. did I say beautiful? ..girlfriend, ________! A round of applause will be appreciated." All the boys laughed and clapped and you found yourself blushing and laughing along with them.

JR: You and Jinyoung prepared a barbeque party as a housewarming celebration for him buying a new house. He have mentioned that he had invited the members and that it was a good time for him to introduce them to you. "POWER RANGERS HAVE ARRIVED!!1! WE COME IN PEACE!" Jackson shouted the moment Jinyoung opened the door for them to come in. "Woah hyung your house looks nice!" You heard Youngjae comment as you grilled the remaining barbeque outside. Jinyoung settled the members’ housewarming presents to the table and called them out. He turned you around from the grill, hands on your lower back, before finally introducing you to the members "Uh guys this is ________. ________, these are my members." Jinyoung continued to mention all of their names, pointing at them one by one. You bowed and smiled a bright smile at them before making your greetings "It’s nice to finally meet all of you! I hope you enjoy what we prepared." They all smiled back. JB even complimented your looks and Mark said that the barbeque smells good. Just when you all were seated, Bambam suddenly asked Jinyoung, "Hyung, do all new houses include a beautiful wife?" earning a smack from his hyungs and a blush from you.

Youngjae: As per your boyfriend’s request to attend his group’s concert, there you were backstage, bouquet of flowers in hand, trying to find GOT7’s dressing room. After a good five minutes of walking through endless hallways, you finally found the door that had a sign with their group logo on it. You dust off your dress and fixed your hair before knocking on the door, which was shortly opened revealing a rather too excited Youngjae. "Jagiya!" He cheered, face lighting up by just the sight of you. Pulling you in and thanking you after receiving the bouquet of flowers that you prepared for him, Youngjae guided you to the further back of the room where the rest of the members are resting. "Everyone, I would like to introduce to you my girlfriend, ________. Jagiya, these are my members." He proceeds to say their names one by one. You bow to all of then and introduced yourself, blushing when they asked Youngjae how he ever managed to asking out someone as pretty as you. "And she even gave you flowers?" Jackson teased the younger boy and hit his arm jokingly. "You should be the one giving her flowers! Not the other way around!" Jackson shakes his head and bows to you, apologising. "Sorry, ________-sshi. We’ll make sure to teach him how to treat you better." The older boy teases, making everyone laugh.

Bambam: "My jagiya is the most beautiful woman in the whole world! My hyungs will be envious when they see you!" Bambam cheered when she saw you come out of the fitting room wearing the dress he chose. He was nice enough to buy you a dress in defense that he wanted to make his members jealous because he has such a pretty girlfriend. "After you, my queen~" Bambam said in a sing-song voice before hailing a taxi and going to the JYP building. You entered the building casually with Bambam never letting go of your hands. You bowed to the people at the reception area while Bambam gave them a confident nod. He is sure enjoying showing you off to his colleagues. "Oh you’re here." Youngjae greeted Bambam when you two stepped inside the YG lounge area. "Yes and I brought someone with me." Bambam announced to the people in the room, smiling brightly. "Guys this is my girlfriend, ________. Jagiya, these are my hyung, and Yugyeom." He said, making room for you to move forward. "Annyeong haseyo, ________ imnida. It’s nice to meet you all." You smiled and noticed that the members’ faces look seemingly questioning. "Bambam stop joking. For all we know she’s a model." Jackson spoke, turning to Bambam. You then heard a "I think I’ve seen her before." and "Why did you have to disturb someone just to pull a prank?" from Mark and Jinyoung. "We’re sorry if he caused you trouble, miss. But it’s nice to meet you." JB said and bowed. "BUT I AM TELLING THE TRUTH! SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND! Jagiya tell them." But you’re too occupied with laughing to even speak.

Yugyeom: "Annyeong haseyo." You greeted, bowing to the person who opened the door who you remembered from the videos you’ve watched to be Bambam. It also helped that him and your boyfriend, Yugyeom, have quite a few photos together so you were familiar with his face. "Oh, did someone order food?" Bambam asked, more to himself, when he noticed the bags of food you were holding. "Ah, aniyo, I’m here for—" "Oh, jagiya!" Yugyeom exclaimed once he sees you and sprints to the door pass Bambam. "Jagiya?" The older boy questioned, brows scrunched up. Yugyeom then introduced you to his best friend and you bowed, officially greeting each other for the second time. Getting the bags of food from your hands, the two boys ushered you to come inside their practice room where the rest of the members were just taking a short break from dancing. Standing beside you, Yugyeom cleared his throat before speaking, "Hyungs, this is my girlfriend, ________." You brightly smiled and greeted them with a 90-degree bow. The members returned your warm greetings and thanked you for the food that you prepared for all of them. Whilst eating, you overheard Bambam whisper to Yugyeom, "I thought she was just delivering food. I almost asked her where she works, you know, so we can order food there more often because their staff is so pretty~" to which the younger responded by choking the life out of his best friend.