How would mark jr and jackson react to his girlfriend that rarely ever cries, cry in front of him... Like sniffling really hard saying that her heart hurt(emotionally ofc)

Here you go! Sorry if it took so long. Thank you for requesting :)

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Don't Cry

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The ask box will be temporarily closed as I try to do the request that have been submitted earlier. I hope all of you understand! It should be open again soon. Thank you for the patience! :)

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first time sleeping with jackson/jb/mark? (doesn't have to be smut)

Here you go! Sorry if it took a long time for me to get on it. I tried not to make it too smutty, if you may. Anyway, thanks for the request! :)

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First Time

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Hey, not an ask but just want to know your opinion. Have you seen r&i with jb? It was filmed back in 2012, i guess. I really want to know your thoughts about it 'cause he was so mean and aweful there. Such a bitch. I can't like him now :(

I haven’t watched any episode of Romantic Idol so I checked some of JB’s cuts from the show just now and to me he just looked mostly nervous. I might have to see more of the show to understand what you’re talking about. We’re all aware that JB has a temper though right? (As Jackson has very kindly mentioned) But I think he could control it better now. I mean, nobody’s perfect anyway, it’s just part of his personality.

And don’t feel the need to force yourself to like him. It’s your prerogative as a fan to have favourites (biases) and least favourites. It doesn’t make you a bad fan, it makes you human.

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Can I have Jinyoung and you disliking each other until you two have to pair up together for something and things start flowing? ^^ :3

Here you go! Not quite “paired up” but the idea is there. I should be writing other earlier requested stuff but I’m just having a lot of Jinyoung feels recently, I had to do something with it. Sorry if the oneshot was random though. I think I’m having writer’s block lawd halp

Anyway thanks for requesting!

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title; Just Relaxauthor; metaphoricalsrating; Ktype; Oneshotgenre; Romance / Flufffeaturing; GOT7’s JRplot; “We all have that cute classmate that we always annoy but have a secret crush on.”warning; I don’t even know how to write anymore. Random blurb ahead.

"So, this schoolmate of yours that’s coming over, is she a girl?" Jackson shimmies over to Jinyoung on the couch and nudges his shoulder. Pausing the game that he was playing and rolling his eyes, the younger boy replies, "For the hundredth time, yes. Is she pretty? I don’t know. Does she have a boyfriend? I don’t know. Is she tall? No. Are we close? No. Do I like her? No. Can I introduce you to her? I’ll introduce all of you to her at the same time so if you want to stand out wear a costume or something. Anything else you wanna know?" It was obvious with his tone that he’s had enough of all those inquiries for one day. Since that morning, when Jinyoung told JB that one of his classmates from drama class is coming over for a school project, he has been pestered with all these questions and he was just having none of it anymore.
Jackson who now had his body sprawled out on the sofa in overreaction crossed his arms before propping himself up and tilting his head “How can you not know if she’s pretty?” Wiggling his eyebrows he continued, speaking in a teasing tone, "Ayyy~ You think she’s pretty, don’t you? You just don’t want to admit it." Jackson then proceeded to poke the younger boy wherever he could get him, causing the later to lose grip on the XBOX controller and screaming. "Yah!!! Stop! I’m going to lose!" And that he did.
A loud, high-pitched laughter filled the living room, a delirious Jackson flailing on the floor. After successfully ruining Jinyoung’s game, Mr. self-proclaimed ’Wild and Sexy’ continued to tease the younger saying "Come on, it’s okay. We all have that cute classmate that we always annoy but have a secret crush on." "I don’t have a crush on her." "If you don’t have a crush on this girl, why are you blushing?"
That pointless bickering lasted for a good ten minutes and amidst all the noise in the living room, both you and Jackson failed to hear the door bell ring. Coming from his room with hands over his ears, Yugyeom didn’t bother with his squabbling hyungs and just went straight to the door to answer it. "Annyeong haseyo." You bowed when the door opened. "Annyeong haseyo. Can I help you?" Yugyeom bowed back and smiled at you. "I was just wondering if Jinyoung is here? I’m his classmate." Hoping he understood your broken Korean, you smiled awkwardly and showed him your school ID. "Ah, deh! I apologise for my rudeness. I’m Yugyeom, the maknae. It’s nice to meet you noona." The boy then opened the door, making way for you to get inside.
When you reached the living room, Jinyoung’s back was turned towards you and before Yugyeom could tell him that you have arrived, the aforementioned started a slur of monologue to defend himself from Jackson’s accusations.
"Why would I like her? Huh? She always teases me. That grin on her face every time I speak in English. Psh, just because she could speak it fluently. Always notices my hair, even the way I sit! Can you believe that? She’s a pain in the ass."
Korean is still a fairly new language to you so half of what he said didn’t really register, but when he mentioned the bit about speaking English fluently, you caught on. He was talking about you. "She speaks English fluently? Is she from the US?" Jackson looks pass Jinyoung’s shoulder to you all of a sudden and asks "Are you from the US?"
"Yeah. Hi." Raising your hand in a stiff wave, you awkwardly curved one corner of your lips. "What? Why— How did you get in?" Jinyoung asked in a panicked voice, his eyes as huge as saucers. "I let her in." Yugyeom replied. "Why didn’t you tell me?!" "Your English is good. Are you from the US?" Jinyoung and you spoke at the same time. "You and Jackson hyung were screaming at each other." "No, I’m from Hongkong." Yugyeom and Jackson replied, respectively giving you both an answer.
The ruckus in the living room was creating too much noise that the rest of the boys started to get out of their room. "What’s happening here?" JB walked in, hands on hips, looking at all of you with a confused expression. Jackson explained what happened and ended up being the one to introduce you to the group. "I’m Jackson by the way." He said, walking towards you and holding out his hand. Shaking Jackson’s hand, you introduced yourself to him saying "I’m ‘pain in the ass’. Nice to meet you." then giving Jinyoung a meaningful side glance.
Fortunately, the rest of the boys didn’t completely understand what you told Jackson in English so you proceeded to introduce yourself to them in Korean. "Mark." The oldest of the group introduced simply. "Where in the US are you from?" He casually asked in English. You told him you were from San Francisco and he told you he’s from LA, starting a whole conversation about California.
After a while of chitchat, Jackson telling you to ‘go easy’ on Jinyoung (his exact words were "You intimidate him. Just take it easy.") and the maknaes teasing their hyung about how he’s the first member to ever bring a girl to the dorm, you and Jinyoung were finally left alone in the living room to attend to your project. Jinyoung sat down on the sofa, nervously shifting as he tried not to look at you. "Here are the notes from last week." You placed a notebook down on the sofa between the two of you as you sat down. "And here’s your copy of the script for the play." Placing a folder on top of the notebook, you looked at Jinyoung with furrowed brows asking if he was okay.
"Yeah I— I’m fine." He stuttered his reply. Jinyoung grabbed the notebook and the folder that you gave him, still avoiding eye contact with you. Mindlessly flipping through the pages of the script, he wondered why you weren’t making a big deal of what he said about you earlier. He didn’t mean it in a bad way but he still worried that he might have offended you. It didn’t help that you were nice enough to come to his dorm on a weekend to give him materials for school. ’I should just apologise to her.' Jinyoung contemplated, staring blankly at the script.
Before he could speak, you beat him to it by asking if he wanted to read some lines with you. Finally looking at you, seemingly surprised by how normal you sounded, not a tinge of mockery or sarcasm or anger in your voice, Jinyoung nodded. You turned your body towards his direction and told him to face you before you started reading lines from the first act. "I’ll read all the other characters, you read your lines. Okay?" He replied with an affirmative, shaking off the random thoughts in his head and now focusing on the script.
Being director of the play that was going to determine the grades of your whole drama class is a huge responsibility. You have been working your ass off since the start of the semester just to make sure everything’s where it needs to be. So far, you have been meeting the timeframe expectation that you have set and you were confident that this play is going to be a success. 
Putting your hair up in a messy bun and whipping out a pencil from your bag, you scooted closer to Jinyoung on the sofa to write notes on his script. Not noticing the flinch that Jinyoung did, you mindlessly scribbled on the script, resting the folder on his knee. As you talked, discussing some ad-libs that he could do on stage if he ever forget anything from the script, all that Jinyoung could do was nod. It took everything in him to control himself from moving those stray strands of hair on your face and tucking it behind your ear.
Sitting straight and holding his tensed muscles so he won’t tremble, Jinyoung tapped his fingers on his other knee in a desperate attempt to look normal. When he caught a whiff of your scent as you flip through the pages of the script, he had to hold a deep breath in and slowly, very slowly exhale so it won’t come out as a sigh. 'She's not even trying' He thought, looking at you. 'How does she do it without even trying?'
Dressed in a grey V-neck shirt, classic skinny jeans and black socks, the last thing anyone would think if they looked at you is that you tried. And indeed you didn’t. You’re not really the type to spend too much time on hair, make-up and clothes. Comfortable. That was more your style. "It suits your personality though. Cool and laid back, but could get shit done." your friends would say, commenting about your look. Not that it mattered because you literally could and would wear anything as long as it fits and it’s clean.
Adjusting yourself on the sofa and reading lines from the last act, you noticed the change in the pitch of his voice as he delivered his lines. "Maybe you can read the rest by yourself? You’re going to the next rehearsals anyway, right?" "Yeah, yes. Yeah." Jinyoung replied a bit too eagerly, nodding. "Alright then." Closing your folder and putting it back in your bag, you took out a roll of tape measure and a small notebook. "I just need to get your measurements for the costume and we’re done."
Jinyoung panicked but quickly complied, avoiding as much eye contact as he could as you took his measurements. He blinked fast and looked up at the ceiling as you took his neck measurement for the collar of his costume. 'Should I lean down? No no no it's gonna look like we're kissing.'
Lost in his random thoughts of panic and self-confusion, Jinyoung didn’t realise when you finished taking his measurements. He was still standing straight when you started packing your bag and slinging it on your shoulder. A bit embarrassed, he quickly slouched his shoulder and tucked his hands inside his pockets and casually asked you if there was anything that he should do. "Just attend the rehearsals. You should be good."
Responding with a nod, both of you stood in silence for a while before Jinyoung finally spoke. "I’m sorry… about what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to offend you." Humming a response, you smiled and fiddled with the strap of your bag. "It’s partly my fault too. I could be really annoying sometimes." Jinyoung playfully nodded in agreement, making both of you chuckle. "Just to be clear though, I think your English is good. It’s just so cute when you pronounce each word so properly, you know? You always sound like you’re trying to prove something to someone."
Jinyoung tried to process what you just told him but all that registered in his brain was ‘Cute cute cute cute cute.’
"And you know how you sit with your knees together? You look like a kid sometimes, it’s adorable. Like a puppy that you just wanna pet." You said as you extended an arm to reach the top of his head and stroke it. "Yah, I’m barely a year younger than you." Jinyoung jokingly muttered. For the first time that night, he finally talked to you with ease. You smiled at each other, Jinyoung shaking and lowering his head to his flushed cheeks.
"Just don’t take everything so seriously, yeah?" "Does that mean I’m forgiven?" He answered your question with another question, tilting his head and waiting for your reply. "Well, if you’ll let me do something then we’re even." "What is it?"
After rummaging through your bag for a sharpie, you carefully held Jinyoung’s bandaged hand and turned it palm up as you started to scribbled down something on his cast. "So you’ll always remember to smile." You murmured as you proceeded to write his name down in big bold letters and then filling them in with letters to read out a phrase:

Just Relax☺

"When you’re on stage, whenever you’re feeling nervous, or anxious," You continued to speak, drawing the smiley face. "Don’t forget to just relax. JR. It’s even in your name!" Chuckling and smiling at him, you put your Sharpie back in your bag and said your goodbyes. Jinyoung wanted to walk you to the parking lot but you refused, telling him that you can manage. "I’ll be fine. Just relax." Grinning, you waved at him before finally walking down the hallway of the building.
That night, as Jinyoung laid alone in his room, he can’t help but think back to all the times that he saw you smiling at him. That one time at the university quadrangle when an international student asked you for direction, you didn’t think he sounded stupid. Quite the opposite actually, you thought he was cute. All those times when he would feel conscious because you’d be giggling to yourself as he sat across from you in the drama class circle, you actually thought he was adorable.
"Just relax." Jinyoung exhaled, staring at the doodle that you made on his hand. It was so silly. Your handwriting was crooked and the smiley had lips too wide for its face.
Shaking his head and resting his hand on his chest as he closed his eyes, and with a hushed tone, not talking to anyone in particular, he whispered, "Relax, heart. Just relax."

title; Just Relax
author; metaphoricals
rating; K
type; Oneshot
genre; Romance / Fluff
featuring; GOT7’s JR
plot; “We all have that cute classmate that we always annoy but have a secret crush on.”
warning; I don’t even know how to write anymore. Random blurb ahead.

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title; Rhymesauthor; metaphoricalsrating; Ktype; Drabblegenre; Romancefeaturing; GOT7’s Youngjaeplot; A story about a boy who wrote a poem about a girl.warning; I wrote this a couple of years ago about no one in particular and I thought since I don’t get requests for Youngjae oneshots or drabbles, I’m just gonna publish this for him. I wrote the poem when I was 15 so it’s cheesy as hell because isn’t that how teenagers are anyway? All those aside, I hope you enjoy this one.

He stood up from his seat and walked slowly in front of the class. He was more than sure he would earn some mocking after he recite his poem but he couldn’t care less. Besides, he’s only doing it for one person. He didn’t give a damn about anyone else.
“Class, all ears on Mr. Choi, please.”
The English teacher shouted just so everyone in the room would hear. Loud laughter turned to muffled giggles once Miss Go hit the board with a ruler. Everyone’s attention was drawn to just one person.
Choi Youngjae.
“Erm” he cleared his throat before he started. Giggles were heard right after.

“Do you still remember the day we met? Your face was just impossible to forget”

It was just the first two lines of the poem and he already earned loud “Owws” from his classmates.
He paused for a bit, inhaled deeply then continued.

“But when you walked right by me I didn’t bet, That I will fall in love with you just yet”

He raised his head and looked straight to that girl’s eyes. That girl to whom the poem was made for.
That girl who owned his heart.

“Days passed, I thought I won’t see you again”

His tone was low.
Suddenly everyone were ceased to move. All of them had their eyes locked on Youngjae. The girls were in awe.
Except for one. 
She was wearing a smile on her face.

“Coz maybe you were sent back to heaven”

The girl slacked her jaw and rested her elbow on the table. She wanted to hear more.

“And as you leave, my heart you’ve taken Falling for an angel, could I be forgiven?”

Youngjae’s lips curved up when he saw her reaction.
She was giggling softly to her self, her eyes smiling.
Now, even the teacher was in awe. She never thought Youngjae, or anyone in her class was that good at writing rhymes. She was glad her hard work of teaching the students paid off.
But the whole class knew that it wasn’t the real reason. They knew it wasn’t because it was a requirement for the subject, nor was it the teacher’s perseverance. It was something more than that. It was much more powerful than hard work, or intelligence, or diligence.
It was love.

“But just when I was loosing hope, you came You held out your hand and asked for my name”

Not “’Owws”  but “Awws” were heard from the whole class. Miss Go unknowingly joined in the cheering.
As Youngjae ended his poem kept her eyes fixed only on that girl.

“My stomach fluttered and all I could aim”

Everyone stared quietly in anticipation.
The girl bit her lower lip, nervous and excited at the same time. She could hear her heart beat faster.

“Was for you and I to feel the same”

And through the loud cheering and clapping of the crowd, the two of them kept silent. Only their eyes were speaking. Youngjae walked back to his seat at the corner of the room nearest to the window.
He was praised by the teacher for his well-made poem. He bowed his head in gratitude.
He was happy.
No, he was more than happy. He was ecstatic.
As soon as the class got back to ‘normal’, Youngjae found a note on his table. He looked over to his right and found that she was smiling slyly to herself.
He chuckled softly to himself, opening the note that said:
“Thank you, It was beautiful.”

title; Rhymes
author; metaphoricals
rating; K
type; Drabble
genre; Romance
featuring; GOT7’s Youngjae
plot; A story about a boy who wrote a poem about a girl.
warning; I wrote this a couple of years ago about no one in particular and I thought since I don’t get requests for Youngjae oneshots or drabbles, I’m just gonna publish this for him. I wrote the poem when I was 15 so it’s cheesy as hell because isn’t that how teenagers are anyway? All those aside, I hope you enjoy this one.

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Shippings are a waste of time. Why do you do them?

I do recognise that they’re more person specific, but since it doesn’t really take that much time to write, I don’t mind doing them when I have the time. I just need to space them out between scenarios and oneshots so they don’t flood the blog.

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