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I do! But my main one is actually for my US / UK TV series so I doubt anyone from here would want to follow that. I did have a kpop blog before but I left that one and haven’t updated it for more than a year now because I wanted to focus more on school. That blog just took up so much of my time because I would have to be making gifs and edits and it’s also a JYP / YG biased blog (because I’m a JYP / YG fan) so you can just imagine how much work I’m putting on it. It’s mostly BIGBANG though and those boys are just everywhere so I had to be keeping up with them which I can’t with school and work.

Wow how did this turn out to be this long? Anyway, I have a Twitter if anyone’s interested in that? (´・ω・`)

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Hello! Can you ship me please?? I'm '97 liner,born on February. :) I'm 5'5, and Chinese-Filipino so I have very Chinese features but with big eyes and lips. I love playing football, travelling, and doing photography. I'm also a dog lover. I'm quite bubbly, funny, sarcastic, happy, and I'm also someone who's really caring and loving. I'm always willing to listen to people's problems and help out anyway i can. In a romance I think I'd be very considerate, sweet, and always humourous :)
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I ship you with: Yugyeom

Since you’re practically the same age, Yugyeom will find it much easier to act confidently around you. He himself is very active so it will be something that you can bond over. Maybe playing football during summer then buying ice cream after, and then cuddling during the colder months and taking selcas together. He would absolutely love to own a pet with you if you brought it up. Yugyeom would appreciate you being caring and passionate because he’s still relatively young and needs lots of love to grow~

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Hi can u do a scenario where mark and you have been bestfriends. His gf breaksup with him, you've liked him for so long that you want to get a chance with him but he doesn't know how to feel with ur feelings for him. U can end it however way u want:)
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Here you go! I think I went overboard. Sorry if you didn’t want a smut oneshot! I just can’t seem to hold myself back when it’s Mark OTL

Anyways, thank you for requesting!

title; Give Your Heart A Breakauthor; metaphoricalsrating; Mtype; Oneshotgenre; Angst / Fluff / Smutfeaturing; GOT7’s Markplot; Sometimes all it takes to go from friends to lovers is (quite literally) a slap on the face, honesty, and not so pure intentions.warning; Rated M for obvious reasons (sexy time). I still haven’t recovered from the manslaughter that is Mark Tuan in a suit. That boy will be the death of me.

“Ok you know what? You can’t be like this forever. It’s been eight months, Mark. Eight fucking months! Get over her already!”
I screamed, with all the voice and the guts that I have. I screamed for the sake of bringing back his sanity. I screamed to save him from drowning in his own pathetic inferiority. It has been like this for eight freaking months. I just can’t take seeing him kill himself slowly anymore.
“Why are you even here, huh?” He stared at me as he sat at the foot of his bed, not making even a slight movement. He was soaking wet because of the rain, his hair almost covering his eyes.
I sighed both in annoyance and worry. He has been like this since his perfect little girlfriend broke up with him eight months ago. For no apparent reason at all.
They have been together for two years before that.You can just imagine what I had to put up with during that span of time.
“This is not the end of you, okay? I’m here. I’m just right here.” I spoke calmly now, as I walked over to him. Sitting down and touching his face like this always makes me wonder how we’re not together. Or how he could not have known how I feel. Maybe because I’ve always been there, and it doesn’t make any difference at all. Like it’s normal for me to do the things I do. And it’s normal for him to make my heart skip a beat.
“You’re not any different from me, are you?” He said I an almost sarcastic tone. A confused expression crept in my face. I looked intently at him seeing the look in his eyes. He was mocking me. “You’ve been in love with me all these years and you just never get tired.” He slowly raised a brow on me, “Even if you know I’m in love with someone else.” Mark chuckled before continuing, “You’re just as pathetic as I am.”
The next thing that happened came as a blur. I don’t remember exactly how I slapped him but somehow I did. Tears were welling up my eyes and blood rushed to my head making my vision spin. With the energy left of me, I managed to stand up and stare down at him. He turned his head up and was staring right back at me, his expression soft and his lips curved up in a slight smile. “Come here.”
Mark slowly tapped the space beside him with his index finger. He looked at me with the same soft expression, swallowed slowly before speaking in a quiet murmur, “Come.”
I wanted so much to just leave him right then and there but a force inside was stopping me. There were too may emotions stirring inside me right at that moment so I started to cry. I bit my lower lip and started sobbing. I looked down and sobbed so hard that I forgot how I ended up in Mark’s arms. I did not stop crying.
“I’m sorry.” His face was buried on my abdomen and his cold arms were wrapped around my waist. He was sitting on the foot of his bed and I was standing in front of him, still crying. I guess these were all the tears that I refused to cry all those years. Because I wasn’t allowed to show anyone what I truly felt. And because I needed to be strong for Mark.
He released me from his arms and looked up at me, his face directly below mine. Wiping the tears from my face with his cold hands, he pulled me to sit on his lap. Mark moved the hair away from my face and caressed my cheeks. My sobs turned into quiet whimpers as he stroked my back slowly.
I looked straight at him, my eyes questioning his actions. He lovingly looked back at me in response. Pulling my head down, he kissed me ever so slowly. He supported my back with his firm arms as his thumb delicately stroked my cheeks. His lips were even softer than I imagined them. He opened his mouth slightly and so did I. Mark moved closer, nibbling on my lower lip in the process. I let out a small moan before I wrapped my arms around his neck, closing the remaining distance between us.
We were both tensing up and I can feel his body getting hotter through his wet shirt. His tongue swiftly made its way inside my mouth and I can’t help but moan in response. Mark moved his head while I moved to the opposite direction. He was starting to pull up the end of my shirt and the next thing I knew, I was on top of him. Mark lying gorgeously on his bed.
He broke the kiss and pecked my lips. My head was still spinning, my heart was beating so fast and nothing seems to make sense. I blinked twice and swallowed hard before I asked Mark, “What are we doing?”
Smiling, Mark tucked my hair behind my left ear and said, “You look so beautiful.” His eyes twinkled as he observed my face “How come I haven’t realized this before?”
His lashes were batting slowly as he blinked. His cheeks flushed from the cold and his nose in a perfect steep. I stared at Mark’s lips and it made me realize that all these years, after all the tears and heartbreaks, all I ever really wanted to do was kiss him.
Without a word, he pulled me again into a deep kiss. It was the kind of kiss that literally takes your breath away. In just mere seconds, he managed to devour my lips and make them his own. Mark pulled us up on the bed and turned me over so now he’s the one on top. He quickly took his shirt off and supported himself on top of me with his arms on my sides.
Mark smirked and licked my lips teasingly before kissing me again. He parted my lips with his tongue and started tasting the inside of my mouth. He was taking the lead and I was reacting obediently at his every move. My hands roamed around his chiseled back and my fingers danced upon the crest of his muscles. He sucked on my lower lip before going down to kiss my neck. I groaned at the feel of his teeth digging through my skin and the soft touch of his tongue licking the same area.
He went further down on my collar bone as his hands slowly made its way under my shirt. Impatient, I swiftly took my shirt off leaving only my underwear behind. Mark stared at me with a surprised look which turned into a handsome smile, “Is this one for me?”
I blushed. It was the first time that I acted this way towards anyone and he was probably surprised that I even had this side to me. Yes we’ve been bestfriends since we were young but I have never been this intimate with him before. These scenes were only true in my mind.
Nodding, I let him do whatever he wants with me. Mark’s hands crept behind my back and once he reached my bra, he unhooked it and pulled the garment off me. I blushed even more furiously as he stared at me. Looking away, I waited for what he was gonna do next.
To my surprise, he hugged me. Mark pressed his body against mine and breathe deeply against the nape of my neck and whispered “Do you know why I never tried?” His words had me confused. What was he pertaining to? I took a deep breath and felt his body rise and fall against my chest. “Because I always thought that you were too good for me.”
Those words rang in my ear like a beautiful melody and I started involuntarily crying quietly. How can someone so perfect think that I’m too good for him? I cried and thought to myself. How can someone so beautiful think of that?
Mark looked up at me. He kissed my tears and kissed me on my lips over and over until I stopped crying. He caressed my cheeks and kissed my forehead. “You were so fragile that I thought if I tried to hold you, I might just end up hurting you.”
I hugged him. I hugged him so tight and with a shrill voice I spoke “You’re all I ever wanted, Mark. From the start it was just you.”
He hugged me back by the waist, our bodies touching. We stayed still for a couple of moments and just enjoyed being in each other’s arms. It was as though we were sharing each other’s warmth and just being together with him like this made all misunderstanding from the past go away.
After some time, I giggled and started reaching out for Mark’s pants. I felt him tense up at the feel of my touch so he pushed himself up. “You naughty, naughty girl.” He eyed me teasingly, smirking. Just then, he kissed me, smiling against my lips. He quickly went down my neck and planted butterfly kisses on my skin as I continued giggling. When he reached my chest, I stopped him and shouted “Yah!” Mark licked his lips and spoke in a deep voice, “This is your fault.”
I laughed and squealed as Mark buried his face on my chest. I was taken aback when he suddenly started massaging my breasts tenderly, as if following a distinct pace with my heartbeat. He stared at me as he continued feeling my breasts in his hands. I looked at him, feeling my energy being sucked out with every circular motion his hands does against my boobs. I moaned as I let him play with my nipples. “You blush so cutely.”, Mark complimented.
Right at that moment, he hurriedly pulled me closer to him and started licking on my breast. His tongue followed a circular path until it ends on my nipple, biting and nibbling on it. I closed my eyes and held the back of his head supporting him as he shifted from one breast to another. The tip of his tongue did wonderful things as they playfully tickled my nipples. He would softly suck on my nipples after every bite.
Mark managed to lie in between my thighs giving him better access when he finally decided to go further down. My nipples were sore when he started making a path of kisses to my stomach, meeting my belly button to lick it. He did not hesitate to pull my shorts down when he finally had the chance to. I did not bother stopping him for my head was already spinning with lustful joy.
He is obviously in a hurry because he did not only pull the pants off but took my panties along with it! Surprised, I propped myself up with my elbows and looked down on him as he excitedly spread my thighs. “Who gave you permission to— Ugghhh!”
My words were cut when he just suddenly dove in to eat me out in a swift beastly move. He was biting softly on my clit that I needed to grab onto the sheets to restrain myself from screaming. “Ughhh Mark oh my god!” I still screamed out, obviously failing.
I can hear him chuckle quietly down below before he continued kissing on my entrance. He kissed it again, and again, and again, letting his lower lip brush against my private part with every delicate kiss. Mark licked on the exposed skin inside my entrance before speaking in a husky voice “I never knew anyone could be this wet so fast.”, chuckling right after.
Breathing helplessly, I looked down on him and screamed “I’m a virgin here!” I heard him laugh even louder. “Okay okay ma’am. I’ll do the honours then.” And in a slow and tender movement, Mark gave me the best oral anyone could possibly have.
He ate me like a hyena would when it sees a fine piece of meat after a long drought. He bit my clit for the longest time before sucking on my liquid and making out with my entrance. I’m pretty sure my pussy would hurt for days but I didm’t mind. I just want Mark to take all of me right now. I have been reserving myself for him all these years and now that we’re here, nothing is stopping us.
“Mark I’m coming! Please!” and in one wild scream, I let out all of me. Breathing heavily, I can feel him enjoying the taste of me from below. It was almost like he was cleaning me up. He licked his lips before going up on top of me again. “Yum.” He smiled before kissing me.
I smiled against his lips before saying “Now it’s my turn.”
Before Mark could even respond, I was already pulling his pants down. The bulge beneath his boxers gave him off right away and I needed to look up at him to see his blushing face. “I guess I’m not the only one feeling the heat huh?” I teased as I suddenly pulled his boxers down.
With a gasp from Mark, I quickly groped his member. It was already hard and erect that I didn’t have a hard time stroking it. I started slowly, observing Mark’s expression and when I noticed he was having fun, I went faster. “Hnnnng…” Mark let out a moan.
I smirked at his cute expression and proceeded with my plan. I planted a soft kiss on the tip of his member slowly and seductively moaned. “No no baby please.” Mark looked down at me with pleading eyes but I continued to kiss his member anyway. After several moments, I started licking on it. I wrapped my tongue around the tip of his shaft and tasted his pre-cum. “Oh my god baby that feels so good.” Mark groaned through gritted teeth.
I’ve waited for too long to just stop right here, I thought to myself. I might as well go all the way.
With my mind made up, I quickly shoved the entirety of his member inside my mouth with my hands supporting its base. My saliva wet his shaft as I slowly went up and down on him. I looked up at him and saw his eyes shut and his hands grabbing onto the sheets. My pace became faster with ever moan that escapes from his mouth. “Babe I can’t hold it any longer!” After a loud groan, I felt his hot seeds inside my mouth. I had no other choice but to swallow it so that’s just what I did.
I’ll admit, he tasted good though.
After resting for a bit, Mark pulled me up and pined me below him. His eyes were full of lust and it seems as though nothing could ever stop what he had to do. “Now for the main event.”
The next thing he did shattered my whole brain into a spectrum of colours. Without any notice, Mark pushed himself inside me in a most bewildering thrust. My eyes rolled back on its own and my hands dug on his back as I felt myself slowly slipping into oblivion of pleasurable orgasm. He went all the way through my walls before ever so slowly pulling himself out. I can’t help but squeak out feeling every inch of him move in and out of me, our breath following the same pattern now.
He slid himself in and out of me faster with every thrust, hitting my clit. The way his body rocks along with mine gave me indescribable chills. The way his skin was rubbing against mine told me the emotions we’ve both been bottling up all these years. The way he holds me gave me a certain sense of protection. It’s as though I’m finally getting the love that I deserve and that being hurt is now only a memory. My heart and my mind was convinced that just being like this, staying in his arms like this is more than all the happiness the world could ever give.
“Baby, I’m ready.” I whispered weakly in his ears. We breath in deeply at the same time and the moment we let out breaths out, the world felt like paradise. I was his and he was mine and we both knew that. His warmth filled me and I felt a certain kind of satisfaction in me. Our hearts were content and they were speaking of wonderful things. Telling wonderful stories to each others.
Mark pulled himself out of me and looked at me straight in the eye. He did not speak of even a single word but the way he innocently kissed my lips was more than anything any word can say. We were each other’s now.
And I don’t know of any other feeling in this world greater than falling in love and being loved in return.

title; Give Your Heart A Break
author; metaphoricals
rating; M
type; Oneshot
genre; Angst / Fluff / Smut
featuring; GOT7’s Mark
plot; Sometimes all it takes to go from friends to lovers is (quite literally) a slap on the face, honesty, and not so pure intentions.
warning; Rated M for obvious reasons (sexy time). I still haven’t recovered from the manslaughter that is Mark Tuan in a suit. That boy will be the death of me.

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HI! Could I please have a ship with got7? I'm turning 18 soon but no one ever believes me. I'm 158 cm, blonde, blue eyed. I'm a ballet/contemp dancer who sometimes is okay at hip hop. Sports, especially baseball and hockey, are my life outside of dance and I'm not the girliest. Sarcasm is my native language and once I'm even slightly tired it have absolutely no filter which gets some really weird and random stuff coming out of my mouth lol. Thank you!
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I ship you with: Youngjae

Because you and Youngjae are of the same age, it would be much easier for you to get along with each other. Since dancing is not his strong suit, he will admire your natural grace while performing. Though he usually goes for the girly type, I think you can appreciate it more because he takes interest in you even if you’re not his usual type (because that’s what love is yo we’re getting real deep here). Sarcastic humour is something that Youngjae would be used to as well because have you seen how Jackson treats that boy?

Hello~ Can I be shipped? I have brown eyes and brown medium hair. I have chubby cheeks, but I'm naturally thin and I eat A LOT, but I never get fat. At first, I'm really shy, quiet, and I get clumsy somehow. Deep inside, people say I'm adorakable cx I tend to get dorky and sometimes use aegyo^^ I like music especially singing and dancing:3 I'm Asian, but I know English more than my native language xD I learned French for 6 years at school and I'm trying to learn Korean. Thank you~ baibai^^
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I ship you with: JR

Something about your request just tells me that Jinyoung would suit you best among the boys. He would absolutely admire you for your looks and might even get envious because you don’t gain weight however much you eat while he has to go on a diet. Jinyoung’s the omma of the group for a reason so he will for sure take care of you and will find your clumsiness adorable. You can bond through singing and dancing together as well. From the Korean line, Jinyoung has the best English so he could converse will you just fine. Maybe you can teach him English / French and he can teach you Korean?

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Now I wonder what would the "first time" look like if you wrote it more smutty :D
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I’m actually thinking a series would be a good idea. Like a “First Time” oneshot for each one of the boys, but that’s just putting myself up for a lot of work that I just can’t do right now (uni’s a pain in the butt tbh). But hey, maybe in the future?

In the mean time, you can read these Jackson and Mark smuts that I’ve written, a JB one might be up soon as well ;)

Hi I'd like to request a ship! I'm 13 years old, I was born on April 6th. For my height I am 61.5 inches. My ethnic is that I'm Hmong American. My hobbies are reading, writing, dancing and taking photos. My personality kinda weird in my opinion, I'm pretty quiet and I don't really talk a lot unless some mentions something asian related. But then if I know a person really well and like for a long time then I can be loud and such.

I ship you with: Bambam

To be completely honest, I was kind of restricted to the two youngest because of your age but seeing as you like dancing and taking photos, Bambam would be just fine to be paired up with you. He’s also very cheerful and playful so maybe he can break through that “wall” that you have and make you ease up around him. Since you’re still very young, I would assume you would naturally have a very cute charm that Bambam tends to divert towards.

What if you had a date outside and it was cold but you didn't say anything though it could've been seen you're freezing (hands cold, nose and cheeks red etc). What would Jackson, JB, Yugyeom, Youngjae and JR do? Like would they notice and what would they do (give their jacket, go to some warm place etc). Thanks!!!
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Here you go! Sorry if it took such a long time for me to get around to doing this request. Uni’s just been kicking my butt (シ_ _)シ

Always, thanks for requesting!

  •  In which you went on a date with JB / Jackson / JR / Youngjae / Yugyeom and you got cold but didn't want to say anything to him.
  • JB: Noticing that you keep close to him as you were taking a stroll, he will get the idea that you were starting to feel cold. Without saying a word, he will take off his coat or jacket and place it around your shoulder, popping the collar up so it's covering your neck. The fact that the coat felt of his warmth and smelled of his scent would be a plus and you just can't help but blush. Standing in front of you, moving the stray strands of hair away from your face and fixing your fringe, JB will down at you and say "Come, let's get you in the car." He then will interlace his fingers with yours and tuck his free hand in his pocket as you both start walking to where his car was parked, his face glowing with a smile that just warms your heart.
  • Jackson: Since Jackson doesn't normally bring any outerwear (he likes to show off his arms) that he could offer you, he will opt to find a place where the two of you could stay warm. Holding your hand and rubbing it in between his, blowing his hot breathe on it in attempts to keep you warm, he will find a cafe to stay in and buy coffee. After finding a seat, Jackson will make sure to keep close to you, maybe even have you sit on his lap. He'll make an excuse along the lines of "We'll keep each other warmer this way." as he wrap his strong arms around your waist and snuggle against your neck, with you hugging him back.
  • JR: "Are you cold?" he would ask once he notice you shivering, sitting beside him. "Why didn't you tell me? Do you want to freeze to death?" Taking his coat off, he will jokingly nag at you for not speaking up, his voice tinted with worry. Jinyoung will sit as close to you as possible, making you wear his coat and then rub your arms until you weren't shaking anymore. When you ask him if he was cold, he will reply, a slight smile lingering on his lips, "I'm okay. As long as you're warm." Shivering playfully, more for his words than the cold, you will tease him saying how cheesy he sounded. "I can always use a hug though." Jinyoung will comment, to which you would happily oblige.
  • Youngjae: Even if he's aware that you were getting cold from the strong breeze blowing over the sea as you walk by the breakwater, Youngjae would be too shy to initiate skinship with you. He will scratch the back of his neck asking you if you want to go back inside the mall or grab something to eat at a restaurant with the intention of getting you somewhere warm. Gathering up the courage to hold your hand as you walk towards the building, Youngjae will apologise for asking you on a date outside with such a cold weather. "I'm sorry it's too cold." Shaking your head and smiling at him, you will assure him you were okay and that it wasn't at all his fault. "At least you get to hold my hand, right?" You will comment, making him blush.
  • Yugyeom: Being the big baby bear that he is, Yugyeom will most like use his body heat to keep you warm. Seeing as he was getting cold himself, he would be able to guess that you were too. Yugyeom will sneakily walk behind you as you were looking up at the fireworks display and wrap his coat around, with him still wearing it making you instantly warm. His coat will be big enough for both of you to fit in, his arms securing around you creating a cocoon. Smiling up at him, your height difference even more obvious now, you will turn around and hug him back around the waist under the coat and rest your head on his chest. "Warm enough?" He will ask, to which you will reply with a hum, nodding. "You're the best." Indeed, he is.